Cargo Transport

As a cargo and freight transport agent, Custom Logistic Service coordinates and facilitates shipments in and out of the country for both corporate and individual clients. While we do a fair bit of work in the office, we spend quite a lot of time in the field inspecting warehouses, stockrooms, and shipping and receiving stations. The security and safe delivery of our clients’ merchandise is our top priority.

Our clients move their goods through many kinds of transport terminals. We’re experienced in dealing with airline terminals, train stations, trucking distribution hubs, and shipping docks. Our agents remain on site to ensure that goods are picked up and delivered on schedule, levies and fees are appropriately paid, and all paperwork is correctly filled out. International shipments require a bit of extra attention in the form of customs and tariff forms.

As a professional cargo transport agent, we achieve an economy of scale by servicing multiple clients at once, combining shipments where possible and passing the savings along. We strive for an economy of scope by centralising the availability of all the services necessary to move goods around, in, and out of the country. The more clients we can simultaneously service, the more efficiently we can source and distribute costs for everyone involved.

We track and record all shipments through our headquarters in Brisbane, coordinating information from branch offices in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne. Our networked system uses linked bar codes and spreadsheets to accurately manage and control our clients’ inventory. When necessary, we go above and beyond to securely repack and load goods, relying on our network of professional freighters to get the job done right.

How much of the shipping process do you oversee?

We determine correct shipping methods and routes beginning at the client’s pick-up location and following through to final delivery.

I just need some advice on handling my own shipments. Do I need to hire a full-time cargo transport agent?

We’re pleased to place our years of experience at our client’s disposal. We’re always happy to offer advice on transportation and payment options. Our service is surprisingly affordable and no shipment is too small.

Are you familiar with postal rates, average shipping costs, and other charges?

Of course every client’s shipment has individual needs, but our breadth of experience means we’ve got a wealth of information at our fingertips. Chances are good we’ve handled similar shipments in the past. We can give you a fairly accurate estimation of your costs.

Will you communicate with me during the shipping process?

Establishing good communication with our clients is one of our core values. All of our records are centralised through our Brisbane office so that we can coordinate information accurately. We record the amount of cargo, its weight, dimensions, and the time of shipment so we can trace all shipments through to the final destination.

A good cargo and freight transport agent plays a vital role in a company’s fulfillment process. We ensure that your goods are delivered on time and as ordered by your purchasers. We pride ourselves on the attention to detail necessary to manage complicated shipping operations. Our agents must remain versatile to continue to provide excellent service to a wide variety of clients.

Handling shipping operations across international borders and inside the country is a complex process. Our agents represent your company in the logistical field, and we’re very conscious of that responsibility. When you hire Custom Logistic Service to oversee your transport needs, you get a network of experienced agents who make your company our top priority.