New Zealand Freight

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Cargo Transport

How much cargo can I ship?

The amount of cargo you can ship depends on the method of shipping and the size of the shipping container. Contact us for more information on the exact weight limits and dimensions for your preferred method of transportation.

Can I ship cargo that requires refrigeration?

We do offer refrigerated transport. Contact us for more information on transit methods and times for cold and/or frozen cargo.

Should I insure my cargo?

While insurance is not required, we highly recommend you insure your cargo. We do our absolute best to get your cargo safely to its destination, but there is always the possibility of an accident or some other factor out of our control.

What cargo delivery methods do you offer?

Cargo can be delivered by land, air or sea, depending on the size of the cargo being transported and the time frame for delivery.

Do you offer door-to-door delivery service, or do I need to have my cargo delivered directly to the port/airport?

We do offer door-to-door service and can pick up your cargo directly. You can also pickup/drop-off cargo directly at the port or airport if that is more convenient for you. Contact us to discuss the details of your cargo shipment.

Do you guarantee an exact delivery date for cargo transport?

While we are not able to give you an exact delivery date due to factors out of our control such as changes in weather patterns, delays at customs and/or traffic congestion, we will provide you with a delivery time frame estimate. Our estimates are extremely accurate, and we do everything we can to get your cargo delivered as close to the estimated timeline as possible.

How do I prevent delays and ensure my cargo arrives on time?

Make sure all cargo is properly packed and all paperwork, including international import/export paperwork, is complete and finalised. Also be sure to make all declarations on customs forms, particularly for organic or hazardous materials, to reduce the chance of delays.

Can I track my freight?

Yes. We offer the ability to track your cargo as it moves from port to port to help you better estimate the exact delivery time of your shipment.

Will you load/unload my cargo when it arrives?

We are a cargo shipping company. We do not provide loading and unloading services.

Can I have personal cargo shipped (home goods, furniture, automobiles, etc.)?

Yes; however, we are not a moving company. While we can ship your personal goods as cargo, we do not offer loading and unloading or moving services.

Do you ship small parcels and/or smaller loads of cargo?

Yes, we do provide shipping for smaller goods around New Zealand and abroad. Please contact us for your specific needs.

Freight Forwarding

What does a freight forwarder do?

A freight forwarding service helps ensure the smooth delivery of international cargo by negotiating the often complex rules and regulations of transport between different countries. Freight forwarders make your experience of shipping cargo from one country to another a smooth and simple process.

Why should I use a freight forwarding service for my cargo?

Unless you want to personally navigate the ever-changing legalities of international shipping, a freight forwarding service is the way to go. Not only does freight forwarding better ensure your cargo will arrive on time and in good condition, freight forwarding will save you hours of time and frustration trying to decipher international shipping regulations and laws.

Why use a freight forwarder based in Auckland?

For New Zealand customers, a freight forwarder based in Auckland is better equipped to deal with the rules and regulations of shipping to and from New Zealand. Our Auckland-based company has many outstanding relationships in place with common ports of delivery and Customs offices around the world so that we can ensure smooth transit and timely delivery of your goods.

Does freight forwarding cover ancillary services? Which ones?

Many freight forwarding services do provide additional services such as warehousing, insurance, and creation of bills of lading. Contact us today for help with your international cargo.

What import/export forms do I need to ship my cargo?

Each country you ship to/from has different requirements for documentation. Contact us directly for help navigating the paperwork required for your international shipment.

Customs Service

What is a Customs Broker?

A New Zealand Customs Broker is a person and/or organisation that understands the regulations and requirements of importing and exporting goods. A Customs Broker can ensure timely delivery of goods through Customs by preventing delays and navigating the red tape often associated with international deliveries.

Why should I use a Customs Broker when transporting cargo in and out of Auckland or New Zealand?

A Customs Broker will make the process of importing/exporting a much easier, more fluid process, as they better understand the requirements and legalities of international shipping. Using a Customs Broker will ensure you have the right paperwork, bonds, duties, and other technicalities correct so that your shipment can move swiftly through Customs without any delays.

Do I need to fill out special forms before importing/exporting cargo?

Each country requires a different set of forms for import/export. Contact us today for advice on your specific situation. We will assist you with complying with your obligations for shipping including drafting your bill of lading.

What items are prohibited as imports/exports by the New Zealand Customs service?

New Zealand Customs prohibits various hazardous, organic and protected from being imported or exported. For a complete list on prohibited items, go here.

How long does a Customs clearance take?

Once your imported goods arrive at their international destination, they will need to be cleared by Customs. Depending on the country your cargo has arrived at, this time frame can vary considerably. Making sure you have declared all items and filled out all the necessary paperwork will help to expedite the process.