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Chinese New Year - Year of the Pig 2019

January 25, 2019

Chinese New Year - Year of the Pig 2019

Chinese New Year - 'Year of the Pig' 2019 is officially here for Shipping Customers moving goods from China

As nearly 800 MILLION Chinese People prepare to migrate back to their family homes and villages/towns next week, Chinese Port and Warehouse Operations have been thrown into Chaos!

With the official holiday starting on the 5th of Feb, many export manufacturers and sellers have made the decision to allow works to progressively finish work next week and stagger their migrate times home in hope to avoid the crush of the WORLDS LARGEST HUMAN MIGRATION - ACTUALLY VISIBLE FROM THE MOON!

What does this mean for shipping customers - ABSOLUTE CHAOS. 

As of late last night the queue's at Shenzhen Warehouses and Ports were so long - Truckers are forced to camp on the roadside until they can be unloaded. 

The average waiting time for a LCL (Less than Container Load) shipment trucker waiting was 36 HOURS at Shenzhen Warehouses. 

By next week this is expected to peak at 48 HOURS average!!!

Its a timely reminder to our clients who purchase goods from China to be prepared for this yearly major international holiday. 

Good planning allows clients to avoid disappointment during this period. 

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